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            Hello! Welcome to the official website of Dr. Joel Brame. This website will provide information about Dr. Brame's approach to medicine, as well as information about his clinic. It will always be expanding, so check back often for updates.

            You can tour this website by following the links on the left side of the screen. If you are a visitor, take your time and read some of the discussions on this website about health and healing. If you are a patient, check the Patient Support page for more information. If you are considering using naturopathic medicine, you are considering a powerful system of medicine where you will feel well cared for; please see The Healing Terrain Clinic page in this website for more details about how to get started on your journey towards health.

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            Dr. Brame's Thoughts about Health and Healing

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            NB: The following is strictly my personal opinion on health and healing. In some places it is based on scientific facts and research, and in others it is entirely theoretical. It should not be taken as "gospel", and you should use your own judgments on what healing means for you.

            Health is the natural state of the human body. The complexity of the human body has been eluding scientists for many years, and this complexity is entirely designed for the human body to grow, take in nutrients, sleep, excrete wastes, reproduce, and then die accordingly. The body has many systems in place in order to deal with the environment's influence so as to maintain basic functioning in order to achieve these tasks. When the environment throws us for a loop, the body has a homeodynamic (as opposed to homeostatic) ability to compensate for these interferences. For example, when a bacteria invades the body, fever ensues in an attempt to destroy the invader. With few exceptions, this innate wisdom of the body should always be listened to and followed. As such, stopping a fever that is within a reasonable temperature range (usually <104) is going against the wisdom of the body. The body often eventually stops trying to help itself if outside antagonistic treatments are used too frequently; as per example, it will stop producing a fever if it is told too many times that fevers are wrong and bad; this sets the person up for chronic infections and sicknesses later on.

            Naturopathic and biological remedies are excellent for dealing with chronic illnesses, whereas allopathic medicine (medical doctors) are effective for acute situations in which the body is seriously damaged by an internal or external event (such as acute bleeding episodes, heart attacks, or broken bones). Unfortunately for patients, allopathic medicine's limitations are not usually recognized and its "authority" status is abused; the use of drugs for long-term problems causes chronic illnesses later. Allopathic medicine is designed to relieve symptoms. Naturopathic medicine is designed to deal with the root cause of illness, as well as relieve symptoms using safe, natural remedies. I personally find the naturopathic approach much more exciting and challenging, as finding the cause of illness involves truly understanding the whole patient. I also believe that a time is near when the health care system will undergo a crisis that pushes us toward a holistic, cost-effective form of medicine that emphasizes prevention.

            My view of healing follows that of biological medicine: replacement therapy and regulation therapy. As discussed above, the human body will properly regulate itself as long as it has enough of the "good stuff" coming in and enough "bad stuff" going out. When a person is sick, replacement therapy involves giving the proper nutrients and substances that they body may be deficient in, and regulation therapy means improving the capacity of the regulatory systems to act in their natural direction toward healing. These regulatory systems include the endocrine system, autonomic nervous system, immune system, lymphatic drainage, extracellular matrix, acid/alkaline balance, redox potential, and liver functioning. So most patients will be assessed as to whether they are able to get enough "good stuff" into the cells, are able to regulate using the various systems, and are able to excrete the wastes produced.

            A major issue that occurs in our society that cannot be overlooked is the amount of toxins in our environment. When we breathe air laden with car and industrial fumes, eat foods loaded with artificial chemicals, drink impure water, and are constantly under emotional stress, all of these toxins put a huge burden on the human body to be able to extract the good stuff, properly regulate itself, and excrete all the chemicals. Unfortunately, the body does not have the intelligence to excrete some of the toxins (it has no clue about how to metabolize things like mercury and food coloring), and so it just stores the toxins within a compartment. In this case, it needs extra support to eliminate such toxins before they begin to cause hormonal imbalances and degenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and especially cancer.

            About Joel Brame

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            Joel Brame is a graduate of the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine (in Toronto, Ontario, Canada) with a Doctorate of Naturopathy. He also has a Master's degree in Community Counseling from Northeast Louisiana University, and a Bachelor's degree in psychology/pre-med from Louisiana Tech University.

            Dr. Brame is a naturopathic physician, specializing in biological medicine. Some definitions may help clarify these terms for those readers unfamiliar with them. Naturopathic doctors are primary-care physicians trained in medical sciences, but they use "natural" approaches to health instead of drugs and surgery. They have the designation ND, and have completed an undergraduate degree and 4 years of naturopathic medical school. Always ask your naturopathic doctor about his/her credentials to make sure they are graduates of an accredited 4-year program, as some states and provinces are not yet regulated. Biological medicine is a form of medicine created in Germany that utilizes naturopathic principles. For more information about biological medicine, see the link สูตร บา คา ร่า ai ฟรี.

            Currently, Joel works at The Natural Path Alternative Health Care Center in Mississauga, Ontario as an associate to Dr. Richard Dodd, past president of the OAND.

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